She Her Pronouns

An Utter Joke as Youtube CEO Gets Free Speech Award

Checkpoints Turning Away 'Non-Essential Travelers' Put Up On Ontario Borders With Quebec and Manitoba

Previously Unknown Type of Water Ice Called Ice XIX Discovered

Update from James O'Keefe following wrongful Twitter suspension - Hint: He's suing #DeposeTwitter

The Walls Are Closing in on Faucism

DHS LEAK: Known Associate of Yemeni Men on Terrorism Watchlist Apprehended Near Border

UFO Sightings Are More FREQUENT, They Are NOT Foreign Countries Spying

Independent Journalist Brutally BEATEN During Coverage Of Protest, These Are Violent Riots

Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms

Freelancer Jesse Hicks contacts former PV Staffer and gets a SURPRISE from James O'Keefe

Solar Micronova Science, Proxima Record Flare Again S0 News Apr.21.2021

Common Sense Gun Control is Nonsense | Change My Mind


INSTANT Regret After Hoodlum Tries to Rob a Man at Gunpoint - Listen to Him Squeal Like a Pig

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